About Us

This is us!

The faces behind the bows. We couldn't be more excited to create bows for you. From choosing the fabrics and colours, to hand stitching each piece, a whole lot of love and gratitude goes into your orders. 

A Little about us: 

Andrea -- I am a mom of 3 (one angel baby, and my 2 earth side babes pictured here) My kiddos are just about 19 months apart and keep me busy! J on my hip is who inspired us to get creative. After searching for bows and not loving the quality, colours or patterns I would find (or risk paying crazy shipping fees) I recruited my mom to dust off her sewing skills and make J some bows. Outside of this venture, I am an Elementary School Teacher (middle grades!) and love my job, I get so much joy building communities in my classroom and watching kids learn something each year. The best is when they learn life lessons not just basic skills. My first daughter was stillborn at 36 weeks and I have spent the last few years working on my healing and honoring my grieving. One of the things I do on my page is share a little about parenting after loss. I hope to utilize this blog space more! 

Bonnie -- Grandma extraordinaire and perfectionist sewer (seriously, she cut me off from sewing because my stitching wasn't precise enough!) She is the one who lovingly cuts and handstitches each bow. I give her the ideas and she makes them happen. Recently retired after a 40+ year career with TD Bank, outside spending time with her grandkids, this hobby is keeping her busy. She genuinely loves when you share your babes in our bows with us. Not just cause your babes are so cute, but we love to see how much you love them!